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From Advising to Coaching

Take your advising skills to the next level with College Beyond’s first masterclass on essential coaching techniques. Learn practical strategies to build trusting relationships with students so they can successfully enroll and persist in college.

masterclass topics

Principles of Student Success

Importance of Social-Emotional Skills

Building Relationships with Students

Principles of Trauma Informed Interventions

Practical strategies for engaging students as coaches

Reducing Compassion Fatigue in the helping field

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5-hour virtual masterclass &
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Staff and Faculty Academic Advisors

First-Year Experience Staff

TRIO Professionals

Guidance Counselors

Academic Success Coaches


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Why CoacHing?

Coaching is the most cost-effective college persistence intervention. 

The most effective coaching strategies are student-centered, proactive, trauma-informed, and occur in the context of a trusting relationship.

College graduates from low socio-economic backgrounds still suffer from employment and wealth inequities, which hampers economic mobility. Translating a college degree into gainful employment and economic mobility requires more than a diploma. Social and cultural capital, facilitated by coaching, are required to launch and foster a career.

When students’ basic needs, including social-emotional needs, are addressed, students have the opportunity to fully engage in the classroom and on campus, as engagement is essential for college completion. 

Coaching helps mitigate non-academic barriers faced by underserved students. 

Underserved students who are admitted to college face many barriers to enrolling in college, but students who receive enrollment support are more likely to enroll and succeed in the first-year. 

Improving year-to-year persistence, especially in the first-year, is the most crucial step in improving college completion rates. Students need robust support in the first year, but also need continuous scaffolded support over subsequent years in order to graduate.

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Tools to promote student-
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Tips to help students become critical thinkers,
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Strategies provide in-time support for social-
emotional student wellness

Techniques to reduce compassion fatigue
and improve professional well-being