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We are extremely proud to announce that our Executive Director, Dr. Erin Wheeler, is one of eight recipients of the 2021 Boulder Fund! The Boulder Fund, a fund created by Education Leaders of Color (EdLoc) is a multi-million dollar grant program that supports the innovations of leaders of color in education.

The fourth cohort of eight leaders of color from across the country has been awarded a total of $800,000 to support the launch or expansion of creative solutions to some of the most pressing issues in the educational field. Over the last four years, EdLoC has invested 3.1M in 29 leaders from across the network.

Boulder Fund grants are awarded for a one-year period, in increments of at least $100,000. Projects are chosen for their holistic approach to improving student outcomes. The Boulder Fund will provide $100,000 in additional funding for College Beyond, which will go towards supporting our students in this very critical academic year.

This is the second time that College Beyond will receive the Boulder Fund. Paris Woods, the cofounder and previous Executive Director was a 2018 recipient.

We are thrilled to be among this cohort of recipients. This critical investment will secure lasting life improvements for the youth of color we serve across the Greater New Orleans area.

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April 12, 2021

Why Incentives?

Although student success coaching is the cornerstone of College Beyond, our students need a multitude of resources to be successful in college. Thanks to the generous funding from the Boulder Fund in 2017, College Beyond had the opportunity to test the impact of financial incentives on college persistence beginning in the second semester of the 2017-2018 academic year. Ever since then, we have been providing our students with help with books, monthly bus passes, and gas cards.



April 12, 2021

Trauma in COVID-19

Do you find yourself avoiding subjects you enjoyed or even worse, you’ve completely lost interest in learning? Are you having moments of adrenaline burst when you’re just sitting around doing nothing? What about laughing at something serious or feeling really sad at something funny? Those deadlines that came at the end of the semester, did you find yourself wanting to throw your hands up and ignore them completely? This is how our responses can be when we’ve been exposed to a traumatic event. We are all collectively experiencing a worldwide traumatic event from Covid-19 in varying degrees.